I have always maintained that the abuse and betrayal I suffered in the institutional church was more painful than going through the experience of divorce. When people asked me to explain why, I was at a loss. But a couple of weeks ago (just before I started this blog) I suddenly understood why.

When I went though the rejection and abandonment surrounding my divorce, the people of the church rallied around me. They showed me their love and support and proved to me time and again how much they cared.

But when I turned to my church family after I’d been bullied and abused by respected church leaders, pretty much no-one wanted to know me. I was shunned, a troublemaker who just needed to shut up and go away.

And that is when I turned to the internet. It is here I discovered that my experience was not unique and that what I experienced is the textbook treatment of those who dare to tell the truth that something is wrong. It was here I received affirmation, encouragement and healing.

So that is why I write this blog - to add my voice of support for those feeling so alone and abandoned. As much as I’d love to reach scores of people with my words, if I only touch one life, I’ll be satisfied. Because mine was ‘only one life’ – and I’m grateful!


  1. hey there LL! My name is Ariel, and I'm an anthropology student, researching how the internet (blogs specifically) are a platform for healing and creating community. I have been following your blog posts for the past months and really enjoy reading your informative and honest blog posts. I was hoping that you'd be willing to answer a few questions about your experience blogging through email. I think I could learn a lot from you!

    If this seems like something you would be willing to help me with, shoot me an email at arielfishkin@gmail.com

    Thanks !

  2. More than happy to help out. I've just sent an email :)

  3. Hi LL, nice to meet you! I've been enjoying following you on Disqus (I'm Jenny Swift) and just arrived on your blog. I too have been feeling alone and turning to the internet to find community. I love your last paragraph! Thanks for adding your voice of support!

    1. Hi Jenny, it's really great to hear from you! I hope you find some encouragement here :)