Friday, 12 December 2014

Father Forgive Them...

I was angry last night!

The big, green, Incredible Hulk type of anger.

This morning it's the quietly sickened and disgusted type.


Because friends of mine are hurting badly - torn to pieces by religion.

Because they are just one more statistic - victims of an abusive institution erroneously called 'church'.

Because religious leaders seem to think it's actually ok to throw their brothers and sisters under the bus.

Because they don't seem to care about the damage they inflict as long as they stay in power.

Because they use their position to denounce family members, in an attempt to control the narrative.

Because they can't seem to understand that the words of judgement they preach from their pulpits apply equally to themselves.

Because they ignore the words of Jesus and lord it over their brothers and sisters.

Because members of 'the body' seem to think this is normal and so they don't stand up and shout, "NO! STOP! ENOUGH!"

And because it's Just. Plain. Wrong!


  1. Amen…

    "And because it's Just. Plain. Wrong!"

    1. Thanks A. Amos :) Encouraging to know others see it too!

    2. "Members of the body seem to think this is normal"....for me this is one of the most frustrating and painful aspects of church abuse. It seems that if someone suffers at the hands of a leader then they are deemed easily offended, unforgiving, bitter and oversensitive. The leaders however, are seen as the ones who are suffering an attack from the enemy, they must be protected at all costs. I want to join you screaming STOP, but I'm not sure it would be heard.

      I'm also encouraged to find others here who see it too. And it's encouraging to know that Jesus saw it and called the religious leaders on it when he was here. But I strongly identify with the anger you describe. For me it's mixed with personal pain and loss too, I'm imagining perhaps for you as well.

      Thanks for writing. xx

    3. UH, I really appreciate you sharing here and I understand where you're coming from! Even now, I have moments of pain and frustration over this reality. And yes, it is mixed with memories of my own loss.

      That's when I remind myself that Jesus seemed to feel that way too, and got the same sort of response from the people around him. And I realise that I can't really expect anything different myself... however much I want to!