Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Church Sucks at Reaching the Lost

By Travis Klassen

I write this one with years of experience as an outcast, a rebel, a truth-teller, pot-stirrer or whatever else you’d like to call me. This blog was previously called “” for a reason.

It’s usually right here, in the first or second paragraph of one of my provocatively-titled articles, that most good, church-going Christians will tune out the rest, skipping to the comment section to defend their local church. They will feel compelled to explain how amazing their church is and how it is completely unlike the churches I’ve described. So go ahead my friends, skip ahead; I’ll meet you down there. Read more...


  1. The link is 404. I was looking forward to reading your essay.

    1. That's sad - it looks like it's been removed :(