Friday, 12 June 2015

When Church Leaders Act Like... Christians!

The good news:

Matt Chandler & TVC apologised for subjecting Karen Hinkley to 'church discipline'.

The bad news:

It took so much blood, sweat and tears (& bad publicity) to achieve this result.

The worst news:

Everyone is taken by surprise by a church leader acting with humility and compassion.

As one reader commented:
"Here is a guy teaching them about Jesus week after week (and the leaders set themselves up as specially annointed to lead) and when something like this goes public people are thrilled when they FINALLY, after so much publicity, act in a Christian manner."


  1. Such a mixed bag of emotions reading this. I hope they really have understood how their actions retraumatise hurting people.

    And oh, yes, how I wish genuine apologies from church leaders werent so rare.

    And personally, I cried when I read the apology alongside Karen's statement. I think it taps into my own longing for the people who caused trauma and suffering in my life to acknowledge their part.

    I don't expect it though and I'm moving forward without it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts xxx