Sunday, 19 March 2017


Every now and then, I have one of those moments which expose the utter bankruptcy of my previous religious experience. Today, a dear friend helped to expose another one.

You see, I have been told whenever I've protested abuse and injustice at the hands of the religious that I'm just "bitter and unforgiving".

And yet, these same people who accuse me, also claim that they have done nothing wrong.

But as my friend challenged, how can forgiveness be needed - or indeed, extended - when there has been no wrong-doing?

What would there be to forgive?

So to all those people who have denied any wrong-doing towards me, and have then accused me of unforgiveness, I say this:

You cannot have your cake, and eat it too.

Either you have wronged me, and you feel justified in your claim of unforgiveness on my part;


you have done nothing wrong, and therefore to claim unforgiveness on my part is a nonsense.

But you can't have it both ways.

So if you want to accuse me of being unforgiving - which means there is something you have done that requires my forgiveness - please own it, and let's deal with the crap that lies between us.

I've always advocated that path.

Otherwise your accusations against me are, at best, meaningless.


  1. What you say perfectly accords to the truth, but Mystery Babylon doesn't operate according to the natural logic of God's universe. She calls evil good and good evil, puts darkness for light and light for darkness, even substitutes bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isa. 6:20).

    In fact, those captive within her, who drink from her cup of poisons, have had their taste-buds scorched, their eyes glassed over and senses dulled and deranged by the lies mixed with sheep-blood they have been made to imbibe.

    So they've lost their proper sight and discernment. And as far as they're concerned---How can they even reason with you if your going to continue to wallow like this in your bitterness and unforgiveness!

    1. oops! that should be Isa 5:20.

    2. Thanks Monax. It is like that, isn't it? No wonder I spent so much time feeling like I was the crazy one. This stuff is designed to keep you off balance because it's all upside-down and inside-out!

  2. Oh I've heard that line too! It is utter madness. It came to a point with me that I had to stop trying to relate with people who could only see me as a bitter person. They weren't willing to see the story--the whole story or consider my side of things because they were too busy defending "Your Highness" and his kingdom who could never do wrong. So I had a few "friends" that still went to this church and I felt like I was having to change who I was just to talk to them. They'd gloat about the place and speak of it so highly but I wasn't allowed to mention my hurt. So I stopped talking to them. And I'm in such a better place without it because I chose to be with my kind of people who love me and let me speak of my pain when it hurts. Those are my friends not the people who wanted me to hush up.

    1. Good insight, Elle. It's all about dismissing and silencing your story, isn't it? :(

  3. They want to make you feel like a crazy person because they plan to portray you as a crazy person whether it be privately or publicly. You are not only guilty of unforgiveness, but guilty of making up the very thing that you are holding against them. You are just an angry bitter person who is taking out on them... not only will you not forgive this perceived slight, you won't even submit to reality, or at least that is the way they will play it.

    1. I thought of that angle too, Dallas. "You just need to forgive those bitter issues you conjured out of the blue!"

    2. Spot on Dallas! And I even had one guy take it further by admitting to me and my husband in private that he'd abused me, and then denying it in public. Of course, for everyone who needed to disbelieve me, it was just more "proof" that I was a deranged liar.

      The funny thing is, I no longer care what people choose to believe about me. I know the truth... and it set me free ;)