Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Twisting Theology

In the last couple of days have been laid low by a nasty virus. Rather boringly, it is the second time this particular ‘friend’ has visited in the past few weeks, and I’m just a little bit over it!

But, given the fact that this past term has been quite stressful on a number of fronts, it’s hardly surprising that it has had a detrimental effect on my health.

The funny thing is that there are people from my religious past who would have no hesitation in claiming that my ill-health is proof of God’s displeasure for my heretical beliefs and my un-submissive ways.

I can almost hear it now:

“God will not be mocked.” “You reap what you sow.” “Obedience leads to blessing, but those who turn from God are cursed.” “You need to repent of your sin.”

I suspect you get the picture…

And yet, I always seemed to hear something quite different whenever sickness or misfortune marred their own lives. It was the enemy trying to stop them "advancing the kingdom". Or it was a particular person (usually one who they didn’t like) who was putting a curse on them.

Never did I hear, “It’s because we’ve sinned and we need to repent.”

Illness was God’s judgement when it afflicted “them”, but it was the enemy’s attack when it affected “us”.

How twisted our theology can get when we need it to prove our point – or even score points against our enemies. No wonder so many believers are walking away from this nonsense.


  1. I don't know shit anyone else, but I get sick because I have a toddler in my house that hangs out with other toddlers. I will say that it is marginally better than having my wife work in a nursing home with poor infection control.

    1. Wow that's a pretty bad auto correct... That should be about.

    2. I realised what it was Dallas, but I must admit it made me laugh! I thought maybe it was true confession time ;)

      But as you say, there are very real and natural reasons why we get sick. These days we have knowledge and understanding about germs, viruses etc. that more primitive humans simply didn't. So IMO, to spiritualise sickness in such a way is to prefer ignorance and superstition over the increased revelation of how God's creation operates.

  2. it's kind of funny. Seems like people from my past are coming out the woodwork lately and friending me on fb. I'm partially not trusting and partially pitying them. But today this one lady started talking about my old pastor and how successful his 19 year old daughter was. Apparently she already graduated nursing school, has a boyfriend who she'll probably marry next year, and is getting a 4 year degree while working at a big hospital. I should've not said anything, but I did say "Well, they push success in that family from a young age, so that makes sense." But what I really wanted to say is "what a waste of college considering she'll be knocked up and pregnant and only good for being her husband's slave going forward" but I didn't. That place makes me all kinds of angry. And sometimes I'd rather just cut them all off cold turkey then listen to that crap.

    1. Yeah, it can be hard to listen to after you think you've escaped it :( Maybe sticking with your instinct - not trusting/going cold turkey - will save you from any more emotional turmoil. (I must admit, I do wonder if some of these people are trying to keep in touch because they see it as their duty to lead you back to the "truth"...)